Our Journey

When we first arrived in Hong Kong from Europe, we discovered its rich culture and heritage and we were amazed by the vivid colour of its nature: from the wild, luscious jungle to the colourful tangerines that were donated as good wishes to friends and families during the New Lunar year festivities.

The Tangerine Road is inspired by the ancient silk road, a unique route that in the Old days connected Europe to China through many different countries and cultures.
Travelling is a big part of this project. All the countries we have visited over the past few years in Asia inspired us with their flavours, people, landscapes... admiring dancers in Bali or flying over Bagan in a hot air balloon, everything we experienced flourished through our creativity providing contents, colours and meaning to our clothes.

Featuring sophisticated silhouettes and vibrant prints The Tangerine Road incorporates our Italian flair for tailoring and classic aesthetics.
As a Slow-Fashion brand we fully embrace Sustainability by empowering local communities of small fabric suppliers, by using only the end of stock silk and by producing small-batch capsule collections through our skilled tailor in Hong Kong and Shenzhen.

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S O F I A   Z A N C H I N I
Sofia grew up among the colours of Rome, surrounded by open-air museums and wonderful galleries. After graduating from a degree in Literature and Philosophy, she worked in Communication and Cultural events in Rome before moving to London and then Hong Kong with her three children.
She and Paola now find endless inspiration in Asia by sourcing and finding timeless prints and heritage styles, and reinterpreting them with a modern twist for The Tangerine Road.

P A O L A   B I A N C H I
Florence-born, Economics PhD, Singapore-based mum-of -2 Paola has spent the past 10 years working in the fashion industry in New York, Florence and London.
Having moved to Hong Kong she fell in love with the city of the Fragrant Harbour and co-founded “The Tangerine Road” in 2017, celebrating and showcasing Asian hidden textile culture and intriguing traditions. In 2019 she moved to Singapore where she enjoyed with her family the vibrant multicultural vibe of the city and its luscious tropical gardens which provide a continuous source of inspiration.